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News - 02.10.05

Our new full lineup will be be announced and new band photo posted soon, as well as possibly a few shows in the New England area supporting some awesome bands. New updated info about our upcoming releases has been posted below so check it out.

All merchandise ordering from our website have been suspended for now. All back orders are being filled and sent out, so if you've ordered something recently you'll be recieving it shortly.

All of our limited 7" are pretty much SOLD OUT! They are all SOLD OUT at the Relapse Records E-Store and various other distros! If you still want to try and get one while they last you should contact Sick Machine Records or Abort The World Records!

Our Full Length will be released via Macabre Mementos Records out of Japan in April. They will be handling the worldwide release and distrobution of our CD. Though an official release date has yet to be set, the masters are in their hands and the artwork and layout is being finalized.

Also our 8 song MCD entitled "Inanimately Soundless" on The Spew Records (Leng 'Tche, Bodies In The Gears) will be out in early 2005. We will be finalizing all the additional materal as well as sending it out to be mastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer) at Visceral Sound. The artwork and layout is nearing completion and it's looking awesome, thanks to our friends over at SpinaOnline (Leng Tche).